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The Essentials:


The Ilford Ilfotec LC29 is a high quality, high dilution concentrate that is suitable for fine grain Black and white films. The developer is suitable for films from Ilford, Kodak and other popular manufacturers.

Suits Fine Grain Black & White Negatives

Ilford’s LC29 is a high quality general developer that is suitable for processing black and white negatives with fine grains and creates high quality images with superior sharpness.

Economical Use

The Ilfotec LC29 features the same technology as in Ilfotec HC developer but in easy-to-pour liquid form. For greater economy, you can choose from three dilution options: 1+29, 1+19 and 1+9. The stronger mix lets you develop the negatives faster, while more dilute mixtures increase the longevity of the product before you need to purchase a refill. Use dilution to the degree that best suits your individual developing needs.

Developer Type



1+9, 1+19, 1+29


36 months in full stoppered bottle / 6 months in half full bottles

  • Ilfotec LC29 Film Developer 500m
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