Charges Wide Range of Batteries

The UniPal Mini Universal Battery Charger features adjustment wheels that change the position of electrical contacts allowing you to charge a variety of Li-Ion batteries. This is handy if you have lost the chargers for your cameras or other devices and need one that works forall of their batteries.

Mains Adaptor and Micro USB cable Included

Along with the Battery Charger a mains adapterand a Micro USB cable is included. This letsyou easily charge batteries directly from the mains when you are at home or in the studio.

Charge from 12V and Power Bank

TheUniPal Mini can also charge batteries from other power sources including portable power banks. With a 12V power source in your car, along with a separately available adapter, you can even use the UniPal Mini to charge your batteries on the go.

Compact Build and Charge LED

The UniPal Mini Charger has a compactdesignthat makes it easy to carry along with the rest of your gear. The charger features an LED indicator that blinks to display when a battery is charging and turns a solid red once the process is complete.

Compatible Batteries

Li-Ion 3.6V/3.7V/3.8V & 7.2V/7.4V batteries

Charge Time

Approximately 3 Hours (depending on battery)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • HahnelUniPal Mini Universal Battery Charger
  • Mains Adaptor
  • Micro USB cable


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