The Hahnel Ultima Plus Charger suits most Nikon Digital Camera batteries. This stylish charger features a slim-line design and requires no AC/DC adapter, making it perfect for travelling photographers and equally convenient for day-to-day at home use.


Its simple design uses interchangeable battery plates allowing a modular design that is especially handy for photographers who shoot with different camera bodies as it eliminates the need to carry multiple chargers and adapters. Fast-charge technology is capable of fully charging your battery in 1-2 hours, depending on battery capacity. A sophisticated 3-stage constant current / constant voltage charge program with soft start, fast-charge and top-up ensures maximum battery life and optimal efficiency.



A built-in USB socket eliminates another charger from your travelling kit by enabling you to simultaneously recharge almost any USB device including smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and portable gaming consoles. Simply plug your USB cable into the top of the unit for fast, immediate USB power.



The charger also includes Euro, UK and US Mains plug adapters, eliminating the need to buy and carry additional converters to suit overseas plug types. For on-the-go photographers the Hahnel Ultima Plus Charger also includes a 12V DC Cigarette lighter adapter to ensure you have convenient power in the car, boat or caravan.



For Nikon Digital Cameras Included Battery Plates Compatible Battery
  UN1 EN-EL5, EN-EL10, EN-EL11, EN-EL19
  UN2c EN-EL14, EN-EL15, EN-EL21
  UN3b EN-EL3, EN-EL3e, EN-EL9, EN-EL9a, EN-EL12, EN-EL20


  • Hahnel Ultima Plus Charger
  • UC1 Battery Plate
  • UC2c Battery Plate
  • UC3b Battery Plate
  • AU Mains Adapter
  • EU Mains Adapter
  • UK Mains Adapter
  • US Mains Adapter
  • 12V Car Charger Adapter
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