Suits Wide Range of Lights

The Hahnel Speedlight Softbox is compatible with all hot-shoe mounted speedlights and Bowens mount accessories, giving you the ability to produce beautiful, softly lit images. Combining the softbox with an off camera flash, allows you to diffuse the light generated to achieve soft, professional quality lighting.

Light Stand with Air Cushioning

The aluminium light stand included in the kit is designed for maximum support and can be very gently raised up to 2.5metres or lowered in three separate, lockable sections. The spread of the legs can be adjusted to compensate for the height and weight of the load. Air cushioning inside the sections of the stand provides smooth, controlled vertical movement for your speedlite or other equipment and reduces the risk of sudden impact damage. The stand is lightweight and folds down for easy portability.

Includes HB Lighting Bracket

The HB bracket provided with the Softbox and stand is incredibly versatile and can be used to hold a wide range of accessories including a multi-flash bracket, a snoot, beauty dish or even a photo umbrella. A screw down design allows it to be used with practically any speedlite flash system and ensures that your light is held tightly in position.

Easy to Use Softbox

The Softbox provided in the kit is lightweight, durable and folds down into a compact 25cm case for easy storage and portability. It pops open easily when it is unfolded, allowing you to set up the Speedlite and Softbox with minimal fuss. With a large 80x80cm size the softbox can turn any small light source into a much bigger one to provide softer lighting. The box is made from high quality nylon for resilient yet lightweight performance.

2-Layer Diffusion Panels and Honeycomb Grid

The Softbox comes with two diffuser panels: a smaller inner diffusion panel and a larger 80 x 80cm external one which can be used to control the amount of diffused light suitable for your professional quality shots. The honeycomb grid provided in the kit will allow even greater control over your light for more dramatic lighting effects.

Complete Kit

The carry case provided with the Hahnel Speedlite Softbox80 can be used for storage and will keep the Softbox and included accessories safe during transport. The kit includes a three-section, aluminium air-cushioned light stand, HB Bracket, SoftBOX80 with storage bag, 2 diffusion panels (one large and one small) and a honeycomb grid.

Light Stand - Air

3-section aluminium air-cushioned Light Stand

Air-cushioned system provides maximum support & protection

Secure, easy to adjust leg clamps to quickly adjust the height

16mm Spigot with 1/4-inch UNC thread


Large 80 x 80cm size

Compatible with all hot-shoe mounted Speedlites

Two-layer diffuser panels included for additional soft lighting

HB Bracket included which fits Umbrella, Multiflash Bracket & other Bowens mount accessories

Honeycomb grid

Light Stand Maximum Operating Height


Light Stand Folded Length


Light Stand Tube Diameter


Maximum Load


Net Weight


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Air cushioned Light Stand
  • HB-Bracket
  • SoftBOX80 with storage bag
  • 1 x Diffusion panel – small
  • 1 x Diffusion panel – large
  • 1 x Honeycomb Grid
  • Carry Case
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