Large 60x60cm Size

Take your flash photography to the next level with the Hahnel 60x60cm Softbox Kit. Compatible with most hot shoe mounted speedlights, the softbox effectively diffuses harsh flash lighting to produce flattering professional portrait effects.

Lightweight Nylon Construction

The softbox utilises a portable design that folds compactly for easy storage and transportation. Measuring a handy 60cm x 60cm the box is made from high quality nylon for resilient yet lightweight performance.

Double Diffuser Design

Its double diffuser construction is capable of housing a small internal diffuser in conjunction to the large main diffusion panel. This versatility delivers enhanced control over the softness or intensity of the light output for pixel perfect exposures every time

Includes HB Speedlight Bracket

The softbox mounts quickly and easily to the included HB Speedlight Bracket. Compatible with most speedlights, the bracket allows you to mount the flash to the softbox and the softbox to a light stand. Its built-in tilt-adjustment makes it easy to fine-tune the direction of your light for precise creative control.

Compatible with Bowens Mounts

The HB Bracket is also compatible with Bowens mount light modifiers and accessories, opening up a world of shooting possibilities with umbrellas, beauty dishes, barn door kits and other light modifiers.

Includes Carry Case

With its included carry case, the Hahnel Speedlight Softbox Kit is a straightforward lighting solution that can be used in the home, the studio or when shooting on-location.
  • Universal Speedlite Bracket
  • 60 x 60cm Softbox made from High Quality Nylon Material
  • 2 x Softbox Diffuser Cloths
  • Softbox Carry Case
  • Kit Carry case
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