Connects Capture Pro Module to Camera

The Hahnel Captur Cable Set Nikon comes with two cables, allowing you to connect a separately available Hanel Captur Module directly to compatible DSLR cameras. It’s also compatible with Hahnel’s Giga T Pro II remotes.


Captur Pro Module

Nikon Compatibility

N1 Cable: Nikon D1, D1x, D2, D2h, D2x, D3, D3x, D3s, D4, D100, D200, D300, D300s, D700, D700s, D800, F5, F6, F90, F90X, F100

N3 Cable: Nikon D90, Nikon D5000, Nikon D7000

Canon Compatibility

Canon: EOS 1300D/ EOS 1200D/ EOS 1100D/ EOS 1000D/ EOS 750D/ EOS 650D/ EOS 600D/ EOS 550D/ EOS 500D/ EOS 450D/ EOS

400D/ EOS 350D/ EOS 300D/ EOS 100D/ EOS 70/ EOS 60D/ EOS 50D/ EOS 40D/ EOS 30D/ EOS 20D/ EOS 20DS/ EOS 10D/ EOS 7D/

EOS 6D/ EOS 5D/ EOS 5D Mark III/ EOS 5D Mark II / EOS 1D/ EOS 1DX/ EOS 1DC/ EOS 1DS Mark II/ EOS 1DS Mark III/ EOS 1DS Mark

IV/ EOS-M5/ EOS 500D/ EOS 550D/ SX50HS/ G10/ G11/ G12/ G15/ G16/ SX50/ G5x

Pentax: K-5 II/ K-5 Iis/ K-5/ K-7/ K-10/ K-20/ K-50/ K-100/ K-200/ K-500

Samsung: GX10/ GX20

Panasonic / Olympus Compatibility

Olympus: Stylus 1/ E-620/ E-600/ E-550/ E-520/ E-510/ E-450/ E-420/ E-410/ E-400/ E-P5/ EP-1/ EP-2/ EP-3/ E-PL5/ E-PL2/ E-PM1/ E-PM2/OM-D E-M1/ M1 II / OM-D E-M5/ M5 II/ OM-D E-M10/ M10 II SP-590UZ/ SP-570UZ/ SP-565UZ/ SP-560UZ/ SP-550UZ/ SP-510UZ/ XZ-1/ XZ-2 / PEN-F / OM-D E-M10 Mk II /PEN E-PL8

Panasonic: FZ200/ FZ150/ FZ100/ FZ60/ FZ50/ FZ30/ FZ20 / G10/ G6/ G5/ G3/ G2/ G1 / GF1/ GH1/ GH2/ GH3/ GH4/ L10/ L1/ LC1/ DMC-GH4/ DMC-G7/ DMC-G70/ DMC-FZ300/ DMC-FZ330/ DMC-G80/ DMC-G85/ DMC-FZ2000/ DMC-FZ2500

Sony Compatibility

A77/ A350/ A100/ A200/ A300/ A450/ A500 / A550/ A700/ A850/ A900/ A560/ A580/ A33/ A55/ A35 / A37/ A57/ A65/ A99/ A7s/ A58/ A77 II/ A3000/ A5000/ A5100/ A6000/ / A6500/ HX400 / RX10 / RX10 II/ RX100 II/ RX100 III/ A7s Mk II/ RX100 IV / A7s Mk II / A7r Mk II

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Hahnel Captur Cable Set


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