GoPro’s The Frame for HERO5/6/7 is a replacement frame for the HERO5/6/7 action camera. It is the smallest and lightest way to mount your HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7 camera while still retaining access to all of the camera’s ports.

Simple Design for Low-Profile Mounting

With a simple design The Frame enables you to squeeze the GoPro style camera into virtually any mounting situation. It is an ultra-compact holder that doesn’t add much in terms of size to the camera but does provide significantly stronger mounting connections.

Improved Audio Capacity

Because the case is not sealed the camera can record crystal clear audio without sounding muffled, the open back design provides access to the cameras microphone ports so that they can receive the most signal for crisp sound recording.

Lighter Mounting

The Frame by GoPro is the simplest way to mount a GoPro HERO 5, HERO 6 or HERO 7 it is a super slim case made so it does not affect the performance of the camera while also allowing you to unlock a world of mounting opportunity.


HERO5 Black

HERO6 Black


Model Number


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  • The Frame (HERO5/6/7)
  • Mounting Buckle
  • Long Thumb Screw


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