The GoPro Supercharger (International Dual-Port Charger) for HERO5/6 grants you the ability to charge two GoPro devices at the same time. One of the ports on the charger is a USB-C port which offers 20-70% faster charging in addition to topping up your battery they can also be used to provide continuous power when GoPro devices are being used for time lapse photography.

Charges Two Devices Simultaneously

The Supercharger has multiple ports so you can charge two GoPro devices at the same time. This is especially handy if you want to recharge the battery within a camera while at the same time using a dual charger to prepare two additional batteries. Designed to make it easier to recharge more batteries quickly so you can rest easy when your shooting.

Faster USB-C Charging Port

One of the ports is a USB-C version which charges at 5.1V 3A, 5.5V 3A, and 12V 1.67A which means it can be used for fast charging compatible devices. It’s perfect for charging the GoPro HERO5 or HERO5 Session and can be used with the dual battery charger to charge even more batteries quicker.

Provides Continuous Power

The supercharger can be used to provide continuous power when you need to use GoPro cameras for longer periods. This means that if you need your HERO5/6 Black camera to capture several time lapse photos over hours the charger can allow you to connect your camera to the mains so you’ll never run out of power.

International Plug Sockets

No need to buy extra converters and adapters when you go overseas because the Supercharger comes with a range of plugs that are compatible with wall sockets in countries like the US, UK, EU and AU. Making sure that you can easily recharge your GoPro devices no matter where you are.

Suits All Cameras and USB Devices

The Dual-Port Supercharger suits all cameras with the GoPro brand and so you can use it across the range. Additionally, it can be used to quickly top up devices like the Karma Grip and the HERO5 or HERO6 Black which are optimised for fast charging


All GoPro cameras and other USB devices Optimized for fast charging with HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session, Dual Battery Charger (HERO5 Black) and Karma Grip

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • Supercharger (International Dual-Port Charger)
  • 3A USB-C to USB-C Cable (0.45m)
  • US-Style Wall Adapter
  • UK-Style Wall Adapter
  • EU-Style Wall Adapter
  • AU-Style Wall Adapter
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