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With the GoPro HERO5/6/7 Super Suit you get the ability to use the HERO5 or HERO6 Black up to a depth of 60m underwater and it also provides protection from dust and debris. This suit also ensures that the HERO5/6 Black gives you the best images and videos without any distortion.

Protects the HERO5 or HERO6 Black camera

Using the HERO Super Suit you get full protection for your HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7 Black so that it does not get damaged by drops or knocks. The suit also gives you the ability to take the camera to a depth of 60m underwater, perfect for scuba diving.

Two Waterproof Touch Backdoors Included

The suit comes with two Waterproof Touch backdoors which are useful if you want to use the touch screen of the camera while it’s under water to change settings or review your shots.

Skeleton Backdoor

Included in the suit is one Skeleton Backdoor and this is useful if you want full access to the rear touch screen for controlling the camera, and you want to have better audio quality for your videos. The GoPro is not recommended to be used underwater with the Skeleton Backdoor but it can be used to protect against knocks and falls.

Flat Glass Lens

There is a flat glass lens in the suit and this ensures you can still capture high quality images and video without any distortion, regardless of if you are using the HERO5, HERO6 or HERO7 Black camera mounted on a bike or if you are underwater.

Mounting Buckle and Thumb Screw

The Super Suit for the HERO5/6/7 Black camera comes with a buckle which is used for attaching it on a compatible mount and a thumb screw for locking it in place.


HERO5 Black

HERO6 Black

HERO7 Black

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  • GoPro HERO Super Suit
  • 2 Waterproof Backdoors
  • 1 Skeleton Backdoor
  • Mounting Buckle
  • Long Thumb Screw


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