Using the HERO7 Replacement Side Door you can ensure that the HERO7 Black remains waterproof when you are diving, it also offers protection for the camera against dust.

Replacement Door for HERO5/6/7 Black

The HERO7 Replacement Door is specifically designed for the GoPro Hero 7 Black camera. It is handy if you have lost the side door that is comes with the HERO7 camera and want to ensure that it remains water proof. It is also a handy spare part to keep in your GoPro case so you’re prepared for anything.

Protects USB port and microSD card slot

Using the replacement door, you can ensure that the input and output port of the HERO7 camera remain dry while the camera is used underwater. It also helps keeps dirt and dust out of the USB port and microSD card slot and so that the cameras can stay in good working condition for longer.

Maintains 10m waterproof rating

With the HERO 7 replacement door in place you can use the camera underwater up to a depth of 10m while at the same time protecting against unexpected knock and bumps.


HERO7 Black

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