The GoPro Rechargeable Battery for GoPro MAX 360 is an ideal replacement if you’ve misplaced your original battery and great as a spare to add to your kit just in case.

Compatible with the GoPro Dual Battery Charger & Supercharger

Recharge the lithium ion battery using either the GoPro MAX dual battery charger or the GoPro Supercharger. When combined with the Supercharger you can enjoy a 48% faster recharge.

1600mAh Capacity

With a sizable 1600mAh rating, you can be confident that the battery will last long enough for you to capture some incredible 360-degree action footage.

The GoPro Rechargeable Battery is compatible with GoPro MAX 360.

Battery capacity

1600mAh lithium-ion


GoPro MAX 360

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GoPro Rechargeable Battery for GoPro MAX 360


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