The GoPro 3-Way Mount can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod. Compatible with all GoPro HERO cameras, its versatility will ensure you’re equipped to capture unique and immersive perspectives.

Its folding design expands from 19cm to 50.8cm to provide excellent shooting flexibility and easy storage and transportation. In its folded form it is a great camera grip, perfect for POV and follow-cam style shooting. Its textured grip provides ergonomic comfort to help achieve smooth, steady footage.

When expanded the grip converts into an extension arm or selfie-stick. Its two hinges can be adjusted independently, enabling you to vary the length and angle of your shot for the perfect composition. Its folding design also allows you to capture selfies without the pole appearing in the shot, resulting in less distraction for the viewer.

Stored inside the base of the handle is a lightweight mini tripod that can be used on its own or screwed back into the handle to create an adjustable tripod stand. Its innovative design equips you with the ability to shoot stationary or time lapse clips where ever and whenever inspiration strikes!

With a waterproof construction capable of being used in and out of the water, the GoPro 3-Way grip, extension arm and tripod mount is sure to add versatility to your shooting capabilities.

The GoPro 3-Way Mount is compatible with GoPro HERO Cameras.

  • Grip
  • Extension Arm
  • Mini Tripod
  • Thumb Screw
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