The Godox 685 Thinklite TTL Nikon camera speedlight is available for the Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus/Panasonic and Fujifilm camera systems. It has a TTL (through-the-lens) automatic metering system that makes it easy to get the power right every time, taking the hassle out of flash photography. Powered by four AA batteries the Godox TT685 has 22 steps of power adjustment, wirless and optical receiver modes and a manual flash mode.

TTL Flash with High-speed Sync Support

The 685 speedlight easily has enough power to illuminate your scene, with a guide number of 60m when shooting at ISO 100 and while zoomed to 200mm. It supports TTL flash metering that can automatically set the power, as well as HSS (High-speed Sync) mode that can be used to freeze fast motion. The speedlight is powered by 4xAA batteries, has a recycle time of 0.1-2.6 seconds and has a built-in power saving mode.

14-200mm Zoom with Tilt and Rotate Function

With an impressive 20-200mm range, the zoom function of the flash means it can easily work with a variety of different lenses. Using the built-in diffusion panel, the spread can be increased to 14mm to cover wide angle frames or you can reposition the speedlight to bounce the light. It can tilt from -7°-90° and can rotate 90° left or right.

Wireless and Optical Triggering Options

Designed to be versatile, the Godox 685 can be triggered off-camera with an optical slave system but also has an integrated Godox wireless 2.4G connection. This allows it to operate as a wireless transmitter while attached to your camera, or a wireless receiver with an operation range of up to 100m. It also ensures the flash is compatible with the Godox TTL X1 flash triggers for improved range, faster HSS speeds and improved flash grouping.

Rear LCD Panel and Locking Hot Shoe

To make it easier to modify your flash settings, the Godox TT685 Thinklite TTL Flash has a built-in dot-matrix LCD panel, a rear control dial as well as a series of function buttons, one of which is customisable. The flash can be attached to the top of your camera with a locking hot shoe for added security and confidence while shooting.



Guide No.

60 m ISO 100 at 200mm Position

Exposure Control

E-TTL II (Canon), i-TTL (Nikon), ADI/P-TTL (Sony), TTL (Fujifilm,Olympus/Panasonic)


1/1 to 1/128

Bounce Head

-7 to 90°

Swivel Head



20 - 200 mm (14mm with wide panel)

Zoom Head

Full Frame: 20 - 200 mm

Off-Camera Terminal

3.5 mm

Recycle Time

Approximately 0.1 to 2.6 Seconds

Flash Duration

1/300 to 1/20,000 sec

Flash-Ready Indicator



-3 EV to +3 EV (in 1/3 EV steps)

Wireless Operation

Distance: Up to 100 m


Method: Optical Pulse


Distance: Up to 15 m


Mode: Master, Slave

Wireless Communication Channels

32 Channels

Wireless Groups

3 Groups

Power Source

4 x AA Alkaline, Rechargeable NiMH Batteries

Dimensions (W x H x D)

64.0 x 76.0 x 190.0 mm


410 g without batteries


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • 1 x Godox TT685C Flash
  • 1 x Carry Case
  • 1 x Mini Stand
  • 1 x User's Manual


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