Converts USB-C to USB-A

Convert your older USB peripherals to the newer USB-C standard. Perfect for your existing hard disk drives, card readers and computers, they allow your older devices to work with the USB Type-C interface on the Gnarbox 2.0.

USB3.1 Compatible

Equipped with USB 3.1 Gen 1 compatibility on both the USB-C and USB-A ends, the dongle features a male USB-C on one end and a female USB-A on the other for maximum transfer speeds.

Compatible with Desktop and Laptops

The converter is not specific to the Gnarbox 2.0 and should work with most other USB-C interfaces, equipping you with the ability to connect older accessories to your USB-C enabled laptop or desktop for maximum compatibility at the fastest speeds available.

Works with MacOS & Windows

The Gnarbox USB Type-C to Type-A converter works on both macOS and Windows operating systems.


USB Type-C USB3.1 to USB Type-A USB3.1






macOS & Windows

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  • GNARBOX USB-C to A Dongle (USB 3.1)


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