Versatile Snoots for Flashes

Created by Gary Fong, the Dramatic Lighting Kit has a pair of Speed Snoot Collapsibles that can be attached via an updated mounting system that delivers fast, versatile modification of light from your on or off camera flash. The included PowerGrids add the ability to create more harsh lighting effects, giving photographers complete control over the spread of light from the flash.

Perfect for Two Flash Lighting Setups

Using the two snoots provided in the kit enables you to utilise one as a main light and the other as a hair light to create dramatic, high-impact portraits. The included grids add directional versatility to your lighting effects, reducing light spill to create harsher shadows for a more dramatic ambience.

Includes Gel Filters

Attached within seconds the snoots in the kit are useful when you have to quickly limit how light is dispersed from flashes. Additionally they can be used in conjunction with one of the four included gel filters to change the colour of your background or rim light giving them a unique look and more dramatic flair.

Collapsible Design for Easy Storage

When not in use the Speed Snoots in the Dramatic Kit can be collapsed which reduces the space needed for storage. The included gear bag is large enough to carry both snoots, grids and the gel filters, delivering portability and convenience whilst ensuring the kit remains protected from damage during transportation.

Product Dimensions

14.98 x 14.98 x 29.97 cm


0.54 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • 2x Speed Snoot Collapsible
  • 2x PowerGrids
  • Colour Gel Kit
  • Gear Bag
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