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Fujifilm NP-45S Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, you can power a variety of FUJIFILM FinePix digital cameras. It has 3.7V of output power, a capacity of 740mAh, and a rating of 2.738 Wh. Because lithium-ion cells are nearly immune to memory effect, the battery's full capacity will remain usable after each charge cycle.

Compatible Cameras

FUJIFILM FinePix: Z1000EXR, Z1010EXR, Z950EXR, Z900EXR, Z909EXR, Z800EXR, Z808EXR, Z700EXR, Z707EXR, Z200fd, Z100fd, Z110, Z115, Z90, Z80, Z81, Z70, Z71, Z35, Z37, Z31, Z33WP, Z30, Z20fd, Z10fd, XP90, XP80, XP70, XP60, XP50, XP30, XP20, XP10, XP11, T550, T500, T400, T300, T305, T300, T200, JZ700, JZ500, JZ505, JZ300, JZ305, JX700, JX710, JX580, JX590, JX550, JX520, JX500, JX420, JX400, JX405, JX370, JX375, JX350, JX355, JX300, JX305, JX250, JX200, JX205, JV250, JV255, JV200, JV205, JV150, JV100, JV105, JZ250, JZ260, JZ100, JZ110, J250, J120, J110w, J100, J30, J35, J27, J26, J20, J15fd, J10

Chemistry Lithium-ion
Capacity 740 mAh
Output Voltage 3.7 V
Watt-Hours 2.738


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Fujifilm NP-45S Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Manufacturer Warranty


This product comes with a

12  month Australian warranty

from Fujifilm Australia

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