Boost your Fujifilm X-H1’s shooting time with the Fuji VPB-XH1 Battery Grip. Capable of holding two additional batteries, it can power up to 900 images or 30 minutes of 4K. Perfect for photographers on the go, the grip also enables boost mode to support burst shots. A secondary shutter release and control buttons also allow for easier shooting in portrait mode. The grip features the same level of weather sealing as the X-H1 camera, ensuring you can use both in the same harsh conditions.

Holds Two Additional Batteries

The VPB-XH1 Grip holds two additional batteries for the Fujifilm X-H1 mirrorless camera. The grip allows you to shoot up to 900 stills or 30 minutes of 4K footage, this is ideal for travellers and photographers on the go.

Boost Mode for Burst Shooting

An advanced boost mode draws power from both batteries in the grip during burst shooting. This reduces shutter time lag and blackouts for performance when shooting fast action events like sports.

Vertical Shutter Release and Control Buttons

The Fuji XH1 Battery Grip mirrors the H-X1 camera’s controls with a secondary shutter release, AE-L button, AF-ON button, command dial, focus lever, Fn button and Q button. With these functions easily accessible in portrait mode, you can maximise your compositional capabilities in comfort. A 3.5mm jack also makes it easy for videographers to monitor audio in real-time.

Dust and Water-Resistant Build

Weather resisting sealing protects your camera body and grip from water and dust, giving you the confidence to shoot in more rugged terrain and in temperatures as low as -10°C. The look and feel of the grip perfectly complements the body of the camera for seamless functionality.

AC-9VS Adapter Included

Thanks to the AC-9VS adapter included with the Fuji VPBXH1 Vertical Booster Grip, two batteries can be charged simultaneously within the grip in just two hours.


Fujifilm X-H1 mirrorless camera

Battery Type Compatibility

2 x NP-W126S Li-Ion batteries

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  • Fuji VPB-XH1 Battery Grip
  • AC-9VS AC Adapter


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