The Feiyu Dual Handle Ex Demo is designed specifically for the Feiyu A2000 3-axis gimbal to help you to shoot smooth gimbal-style shots with a two-handed setup that still provides comprehensive joystick control at your fingertips.

Includes Joystick for Control

Dual handed setups for gimbals normally involve attaching a two-handed grip in addition to the normal grip but the Feiyu dual handle completely replaces the original single handle. The left-hand grip fits the batteries and the right grip has a joystick and locking trigger for improved movement control.

Provides More Stable Support

Holding your rig with both hands makes it significantly easier to shoot smooth cinematic looking movement based footage. It also helps to spread the weight when filming for long periods for improved comfort.

Foldable Construction with Extra 1/4-inch Mounts

Designed to be super portable and easy-to-carry the Feiyu Foldable Two Handed Grip for A2000 folds down for quick transport and simple storage. The dual handle adds in a bunch of additional 1/4-inch threaded mounts so you can build an even more sophisticated rig by attaching monitors, microphones, or audio recorders.

Feiyu Dual Handle for A2000
USB Cable
2 x Batteries (18650)
Smart Charger
1/4-inch Screw
Cold Shoe Mount


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