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Epson P5000 80GB Portable MultiMedia Storage and Display Device

Epson P5000 80GB Portable MultiMedia Storage and Display Device


Epson P–5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer - Designed for the Professional Photographer

The Epson P–5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer, with it's high resolution Photo Fine Ultra LCD screen and 80GB hard drive, provides professional photographers with more on demand digital photography and multimedia options than ever before.

The Epson P–5000 Multimedia Storage viewer represents an entirely new standard in on-demand digital photograph viewing and control for the professional photographer. Featuring an 80GB hard disk drive and new generation PhotoFine Ultra LCD technology, the P–5000 is a valuable addition to the digital photography workflow.

Razor sharp 4.0–inch display

Building on the advances made with the Epson PhotoFine LCD of earlier P–series Multimedia Storage Viewers, Epson has developed the Epson PhotoFine Ultra LCD. This new high–density LCD exhibits outstanding digital image display capabilities in the key areas of colour rendition, colour gamut size and resolution.

Colour rendition and gamut size: At the heart of the Epson PhotoFine Ultra LCD is the Epson Photo Fine Chromarich technology, which uses a four–colour filter system. Where standard LCDs use only a RGB (red, green and blue) filter to generate pixel colour, the new four–colour system uses a red, blue, emerald green and yellowish green filter. In the red and blue spaces, the filters are able to register a wider range of red and blue tones.

As a result of the new filter technology, the Epson P-5000 has a total colour gamut coverage 119 per cent wider than S–RGB and nearly equal to Adobe RGB.

Resolution: One of the distinct advantages of the new Epson PhotoFine Ultra LCD is a super high density pixel arrangement, which enables the P-5000's 4.0–inch LCD to generate a 640–by–480 pixel display. In combination with the greater colour rendition and gamut, this high resolution display reveals subtleties in images that simply can't be seen using ordinary LCDs.

In JPEG format, the P-5000 is able to generate a total of three million pixels, which makes it an ideal solution for photographers taking advantage of the latest ultra high resolution digital still cameras.


Built in to the Epson P-5000 is a massive range of new and improved functions, each one designed specifically to enhance the digital photography workflow.

Folder browser function: Featuring three browser modes, the P-5000 can display a 4–by–3 thumbnail matrix, an 8–by–8 thumbnail matrix or a text–based explorer tree. When the unit's cursor is positioned over a thumbnail, information is superimposed to display the file size and creation date.

Zoom In/Zoom Out function: Using the P-5000's four–way scroll button, users can quickly and accurately select a specific area of an image on which to zoom in at up to 400 per cent*. From there, it's a one button press to return to the original size.

* JPEG images only. RAW data can be viewed at up to 100 per cent of the image size.

Image scroll function: The P-5000's four–way scroll button provides smooth scrolling of large images, with a minimum of screen redraw, even at high magnifications.

Movie print function: The P-5000 has the functionality to allow the user to extract individual movie frames and print them as standard 4–by–6 inch photographic video captures.

Storage Capacity

Featuring an 80GB 2.5–inch hard disk drive, the Epson P-5000 delivers class–leading storage capabilities. Based on an average file size of 15.7MB, the Epson P-5000 can hold up to a total of 4,500 RAW images. For JPEG files with an average size of 4.1MB, the unit can store up to 17,100 individual files. With an improved Thumbnail cache control, the number of JPEG files with an average size of 6MB jumps to an astounding 22,000 files. When it comes to music and movies (MPEG4 format), the Epson P-5000's disk drive can easily store up to 10,000 songs and a massive 83 hours of video. The result is an incredibly versatile multimedia display and player device

RAW format support

In meeting the high level needs of professional and advanced amateur photographers, the Epson P-5000 has been designed to display a variety of RAW formats used in a wide range of digital still cameras. This broad support of RAW formats ensures photographers can quickly and easily check the focus, exposure, colour and composition of photos.

Adding even further to the critical photo data display capabilities of the P-5000 is its ability to display photo metadata such as exposure information, Exifdata, histogram and colour space. An exposure warning function has also been included to provide a visual alert to indicate poorly exposed highlight and shadow areas of photos.

Among the various RAW camera formats supported by the Epson P-5000 are:

Nikon: D100/D1H/D2H/D2Hs/D1X/D2X/D70/D70s/D50/D200
Canon: EOS 5D/D30/D60/10D/Kiss Digital/1Ds Mark II/Kiss Digital N
Konica: –7Digital /a Sweet Digital
Pentax: *istD/*istDs/*istDL/*istDs2/*istDL2
Olympus: E–1/E–300/E–500/E–330
Fuji Film: S2Pro/S3Pro
Given the wide variety of RAW file formats and lack of an open standard, the P-5000 has been designed with Adobe DNG (Digital Negative Support). This publicly available archival format for digital camera RAW files helps ensure photographers can access a greater range of RAW formats.

Movies and Music

The multimedia display and playback capabilities of the Epson P-5000 rival and, in a number of cases, far exceed those of many dedicated MP3 and video playback devices. The combination of the P-5000's outstandingly high quality 4.0–inch PhotoFine Ultra LCD, 80GB hard disk drive, long–life battery and broad media format support delivers one of the most feature–packed multimedia display and playback devices currently available.

Among the numerous video formats that can be played back using the Epson P-5000 are MOV, AVI, DivX, ASF, MPEG1/2, MPEG 4 and even the high definition H.264. And when it comes to music files, MP3, WMA*, WAV* and M4A formats can be played back with crystal clarity.

* Convertible audio formats using the bundled Epson Link2 software.


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Photo Fine LCD
Size: 4.0"
Technology: Epson PhotoFine Ultra LCD (Low Temperature Poly–silicon TFT, 4 colour filter, white LED backlight)
Resolution: 640 x 480 (VGA)
Number of Colours: 16.7 million colours (24 bit)
Number of Dots: 640 x 480 x 4 (R,G,B,EG) = 1,228,800
Pixel Density: 198ppi (pixels per inch) for precision detail
Hard Disk Drive
Size: 2.5", 80GB
Supported Media
Photos JPEG (up to 30 mill pixels), RAW (RAW from select digital SLR cameras)
RAW formats: Epson, Nikon, Canon, Konica Minolta, Pentax, Olympus, Fuji Film, Adobe DNG
Videos MPeg1/2/4–ASP, DivX, Motion JPEG, WMV
Memory Card Support
  CF (Type I/II, 3.3V only), Microdrive, SD, MMC, MMCplus
Other cards supported via CF adapter (not included)
Print Support
PRINT Image Framer (P.I.F.)
USB connector One USB 2.0 (mini–B) interface for PC and Mac connection (cable included)
A/V out connector Quadrupole mini pin jack (ø 3.5mm)
Connect to television (PAL/NTSC), monitor or projector with optional third–party video cable
Headphone out connector 3–pole mini pin jack (ø 3.5mm)
  Built–in Speaker (mono)
Supported OS
Windows Windows ME/2000/XP
Macintosh Macintosh® — OS X 10.2.or later
Dimensions and Weight
Size (LxHxD) 150mm x 88.7 mm 33.1mm (excluding minor body protrusions)
Weight 438g (including battery)
Battery Type Lithium–ion battery
AC adapter DC Input 5V (100–240V AC)
Included software
  Epson Link2, QuickTime
  Standard: 1 year warranty
  Optional: Additional 2 year warranty (3YWP5000)
  Do not drop your P–5000
Avoid strong shocks when carrying the P–5000. This may cause damage to the internal hard disk drive and the loss of data.
Epson will not back up or recover any data. It is recommended that you back up the data on your PC.