The Elinchrom Silver and White Umbrella Set provides a versatile set of options for modifying studio and strobe lights. The set includes one translucent white umbrella and one reflective silver umbrella each with 7mm shafts for compatibility with a wide range of Elinchrom compact lights and heads.

The 83cm translucent umbrella is perfect as either a shoot-through umbrella which diffuses the light that reaches your subject. It can also be used to bounce soft light onto a subject. The silver umbrella is perfect for achieving directional medium contrast lighting, with a crisp texture.

The Elinchrom Umbrella Set with Translucent White and Reflective Silver are excellent space-saving light modifiers that are perfect for any studio or location strobe setup.

  • 1x Umbrella Translucent 83cm 26351
  • 1x Umbrella Silver 83 cm 26350
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