The edelkrone SliderONE PRO V2 is a super compact slider with dual motors that creates repeatable super smooth camera movement to take your production to the next level. Perfect for time-lapses, interviews, product shoots and short films, the SliderONE PRO V2 is suitable for high-end cinema rigs with support for payloads up to 13.6kg when travelling horizontally and 4.5kg for absolute vertical movement. Using a combination of step motor technology and backlash free gears the slider is not only quiet but incredibly reliable.

Ultra-Portable Design

A versatile addition to any kit, the SliderONE PRO V2 is designed to be compact and portable. Weighing in at only 1.5kg. It supports a range of edelkrone devices that can be combined with the slider to create more complex movements.

Quiet Achiever with Dual Stepping Motors

The SliderONE PRO V2 uses advanced step motor technology that delivers ultra-quiet operation that is ideal for weddings, interviews and any other situation where being quiet is key. With twice the number of motors than the SliderONE V2, the PRO version can support much heavier camera and lens combinations.

Backlash Free Gear Design for Payloads up to 13.6kg

The dual motors have a completely new mechanical design compared to the original SliderONE, with backlash free gears that improve the power and performance of the unit. Combined with the double motors provide enough grunt to vertically lift camera rigs that weigh up to 4.5kg as well as a massive 13.6kg payload for horizontal movement.

Aluminium and Stainless-Steel Construction

Designed to be as robust as possible, the edelkrone SliderONE V2 is made from CNC machined aluminium and stainless-steel components, ensuring that it is built tough enough to handle the rigours of daily use.

FlexTILT Head 2 or StandONE for Improved Functionality

The edelkrone system is designed to be modular, allowing you to add a FlexTILT Head 2 unit to adjust the height or angle of your shot or something like the StandONE with its four adjustable legs that can be used to make any surface level.

Supports Multiple edelkrone HeadONE Units

The SliderONE PRO has wireless connectivity that allows it to communicate with the HeadOne system. Adding a single HeadONE unit allows you to capture motorised panning and sliding movements, while adding two units lets you create incredible 3-axis movements with complete control over the slide, pan and tilt of your shot.

Compatible with the edelkrone HeadPLUS

If that isn’t enough it is also compatible with the HeadPLUS system for 3-axis movement as well as motorised focus control and smart object tracking. All the settings for complex movements can be controlled with the edelkrone Mobile App.

edelkrone Mobile App for Wireless Control

The edelkrone Slider One V2, like the other edelkrone gear has a built in Bluetooth connection that allows it to be controlled from a mobile device. This provide one point from which all units can be controlled, allowing complex movements to be programmed and repeated with pinpoint accuracy time and time again.

Size (L x W x H)

288 x 105 x 52 mm


1.5 kg

Recommended load

13.6 kg or less, works on incline 4.5kg or less carrying capacity on vertical operation

Mounting Options

3/8-inch mounting screw on top, 3/8-inch mounting port on bottom

Camera Travel

20 cm

Min. step size

0.255 µm

Max. speed

1.81 cm/sec

Supported fps


Number of axes

Single (Slide motion)

Motor type

x2 Step motor with ultra high-res encoder

Power input

Canon LP-E6 type battery (Battery NOT included)

Battery life

To be announced.

Shutter trigger socket

2.5 mm (Shutter trigger cable sold separately)

Mobile device connection

Bluetooth low-energy communication.

Can be paired

HeadONE (Both in single or dual modes), HeadPLUS, HeadPLUS PRO

App compatibility

iOS 11.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later


CNC machined aluminium & stainless steel components.

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
edelkrone SliderONE PRO V2


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.