The Cokin ”Z-PRO Series” : Specially adapted to hold 100mm (4”) filters and designed for medium format cameras as well as wide-angle lenses. Recommended for focal lengths from 20mm onwards (35mm format), it fits a large variety of lenses thanks to a range of adaptor rings covering the popular diameters up to 96mm.Additional rings designed for Hasselblad® B60/B70 and Rollei® are also available.

The Z-PRO Filter-Holder is designed to fit both FILM and DIGITAL technology in particular D-SLRs, Medium Format andVIDEO/BROADCAST cameras, either semi-professional or professional models ( among them the new HD format).

This system is totally modular, the Z-PRO Filter-Holder being easily dismantled and reconfigured. COKIN has integrated a newspacer system (in orange in the drawings) into the holder which accepts filters in all popular dimensions : 100mm (4") filters at a thickness from 1,6 to 2mm or at a thickness of 4mm.

Standard Mounting for 3 Filters from 1.6mm to 2mm (from top to bottom Adapter Ring, Polariser Filter, two stacked 1.6 – 2.0 mm filters.)

Special Mounting for 2 filters from 4mm (top to bottom Adapter Ring, two stacked 4mm filters)

Wide-Angle Mounting (top to bottom Adapter Ring, Polariser Filter, one 1.6-2.0mm Filter).

For use with extra wide-angle lenses:
In order to accommodate extra wide-angle lenses, the Z-PRO Filter-Holder can be dismantled, allowing the removal of several filter slots. This procedure removes all unused slots from the field of view and protects against the risk of vignetting.

Totally Reversible Holder :
There is another way to prevent all risks of vignetting without dismantling it and therefore gaining time. The Z-PRO Series Filter-Holder is fully reversible, meaning that a filter that fits in the adaptor ring's slot and the adaptor ring can be placed in the first filter slot. Therefore the filter can be positioned very close to the lens and the edges of the holder are no longer an obstacle in the field of use.

Z-PRO Advantages :

  • Compact, easy to carry.
  • Vast choice, across a very wide range of filters.
  • Lightweight, doesn't strain the motors of autofocus lenses.
  • Shock resistant, stronger than mineral glass filters.
  • Professional results at an extremely reasonable price.

  • Universal System

    COKIN'sZ-PRO System is totally compatible with the following 100m(4") systems : LEE FILTERS®, TIFFEN®, and SCHNEIDER®.

    Z-PRO Filter dimensions :
    - Standard Filters 100x100mm (4x4").
    - Graduated Filters 100x150mm (4x6").
    - Polarizer Filters Ø100mm.


    * Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.