The Cokin H300-06 Landscape P-Series Filter Kit consists of three different filters aimed at improving the results of your landscape photography. The included soft-edge, graduated neutral density, blue, and tobacco filters can be used alone, or in combination to correct exposure or apply effects. The filter kit makes it easy to enhance hazy or colourless skies and sunsets, providing you with several options to modify the look and feel of your images.  

Set of Three P-Series Filters

The Cokin H300-06 Landscape P-Series Filter Kit consists of three different filters that are each designed to help improve landscape photography. They can be used individually or in various combinations to achieve better or more creative results. 

Soft-Edge, Gradual Transitions

The coloured parts of each filter taper to clear towards the middle with a soft-edge transition line that allows effects to be applied to one part of your composition, like the sky, while leaving other areas unchanged. This is especially useful when shooting scenes with mist, treetops, or other features that might make it difficult to determine where land and sky meet. 

3 Stop Graduated Neutral Density Filter 

First up, the Graduated Neutral Density filter has a density of up to 0.9, providing a 3 stop light reduction without affecting the overall image colouration. It’s ideal for darkening the brightness of the sky while leaving the exposure of other areas, like land or treetops, unaffected. 

1.6 Stop Graduated Blue Filter

With the Graduated Blue filter, a colourless or hazy blue sky can be darkened and enhanced without using a polarizer. It has a 0.5 density offering 1.6 stops, adding a subtle blue colour, perfect for tinting the sky, without causing additional polarisation or affecting contrast.  

3 Stop Graduated Tobacco Filter

Finally, the Graduated Tobacco filter also provides up to 3 stops of reduction in the amount of light entering your lens. It’s suited for improving colourless or hazy skies and can also be used to further enhance a dramatic sunrise or sunset. 

Optical Resin Build

Each filter in the Landscape P-Series Filter Kit measures 1.6mm thick and is manufactured from optical resin (CR39) which provides clarity and durability.

Compatible with Cokin P Series Filter Holder and Adapter Rings

The filter kit is compatible with the Cokin P Series Filter Holder and lens adapter rings which are available separately. The filter holder and adapter rings are required to use this kit.
Graduated Neutral Density 0.9 Filter
Graduated Blue 0.5 Filter
Graduated Tobacco 0.9 Filter


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