The Cokin Black & White Filter Kit includes four filters that enhance the tone and contrast of black and white film images. The included Yellow, Orange, Red, and Green filters can each be used to increase the contrast on the parts of your image that match the filter colour, producing improved tonal value and a more dramatic effect in your black and white photography.

Cokin X Pro 001 Yellow Filter

The Yellow filter gently subdues ambient light to slightly darken the sky and highlight the foreground, increasing contrast between clouds and sky which is great for landscapes. In portrait photography, it lightens skin tones, reduces freckles and blemishes, giving skin a smoother look.

Cokin X Pro 002 Orange Filter

The Orange filter provides a more pronounced effect, darkening violet, green, and blue tones, perfect for the sky or water. It deepens shadows for a more 3-dimensional effect on natural surfaces and also highlights the texture of bricks and stone when shooting cityscapes and architecture.

Cokin X Pro 003 Red Filter

The Red Filter produces a strong, noticeable level of contrast improvement, completely absorbing green and blue tones and enhancing any reds in your image. It significantly darkens the sky so clouds really stand out for dramatic depth. It’s excellent for increasing visibility in haze and fog and is suitable for infrared photography. In studio portraiture this filter lightens skin tones considerably.

Cokin X Pro 004 Green Filter

In landscape photography, the Green Filter helps improve the depth-of-field and creates unique tones of grey tones which are impossible to obtain otherwise. While shooting foliage, it lightens greens and darkens reds, making green foliage appear brighter, and enhances the separation between various hues of green foliage to reveal more details, making it ideal for nature photography. In portrait work, the green filter slightly darkens the colour of skin and lips.

Compatible with X-Pro Series Filter Holder

The 130 x 170mm filters are compatible with the Cokin X-Pro Series (XL) filter holder (available separately), suitable for full frame or medium-format cameras and recommended for ultra-wide angle lenses with built-in lens hoods.

Made with CR-39 Optical Resin

The Cokin Black & White filters are made from light weight CR-39 optical resin that boasts excellent optical transmission and high resistance to shocks, falls, and abrasions. The kit is a convenient way to dramatically improve your black and white film photography.

Filter Width

130 x 170mm

Holder Compatibility

Cokin X-Pro - Series (XL) Required


CR39 Optical Resin

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.
  • Cokin Black & White Filter Kit - X-Pro Series (XL) – W400-03
  • 1 x Cokin X-Pro 001 Yellow Filter
  • 1 x Cokin X-Pro 002 Orange Filter
  • 1 x Cokin X-Pro 003 Red Filter
  • 1 x Cokin X-Pro 004 Green Filter
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