Canson A3 Infinity PhotoGloss Premium Resin Coated 270gsm A3 - 25 Sheets consists of an alpha cellulose acid-free art paper coated with polyethylene and a microporous colour receiver layer. The enhanced coating finish offers a stunning gloss effect which meets the requirements customers have always demanded. PhotoGloss offers an exceptional Dmax for deep blacks as well as a wide colour gamut and is ideal for producing stunning colour photographs. It also exceeds the expectations of true professional photographic paper and has been designed to comply with the highest lifespan requirements.

Print longevity

Permanence rating for a print on PhotoGloss Premium RC, displayed framed under glass*
(Years before noticeable fading and/or changes in color balance occur)




Vivera Pigment Inks

Lucia Pigment Inks

UltraChrome K3 Pigment Inks

>150 years

115 years

87 years

* The permanence rating for displayed print framed under glass is the most important of the three display conditions tested by the independent laboratory Wilhelm Imaging Research.


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.