The Black Rapid CoupleR Breathe joins two straps from the BlackRapid Curve, Sport, or Cross Shot-series together to create a shoulder harness system that easily supports two cameras. It’s a perfect choice when you’re out exploring or on a shoot where two cameras are required.

Connects 2 Straps to Form a Dual Shoulder Harness

The Black Rapid CoupleR Breathe allows you to connect 2 BlackRapid Curve, Sport, or Cross Shot-series straps together to form a dual camera shoulder harness. The webbing has strong snap closures for a tight hold, securing your camera straps together even when you’re in motion.

Helps Stabilise Camera Harnesses

For those with existing dual camera harnesses, like the BlackRapid Double or Double Slim, the CoupleR Breathe can be attached between the straps to help stabilise the harness system, keeping it close against your body to reduce movement.

Strap Compatibility

BlackRapid Curve, Sport, or Cross Shot Series

Dual Camera Harnesses Compatibility

BlackRapid Double or Double Slim

Overall Length





Webbing 100% Nylon





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Black Rapid Coupler Breathe


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