The Atomos AtomX 10-inch Arm & QR Plate has been specifically designed for the Atomos Ninja V external recorder. It comes with a 10-inch articulating arm that allows you to mount your monitor in a variety of different ways, depending on your setup. It has 1/4-inch threads at both ends that are compatible with gimbals, tripods and camera cages.

Designed for the Atomos Ninja V

With a plate that perfectly fits the base or top of the Ninja V external recorder, the quick release plate allows you to easily attach and remove the monitor by simply pressing the red button on the side. Rubber padding on the inside of the plate ensures that you can tighten the 1/4-inch holding screw without fear it will damage the base of the monitor.
  • Atomos AtomX 10-inch Arm
  • Atomos QR Plate


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