Built for the Athabasca 14-42mm Adapter System

Created for the Athabasca 14-42mm Adapter System the thread adapter comes in a range of thread sizes from 67,72,77 or 82mm that allow you to combine your existing lenses with the Athabasca 14-42mm Adapter Ring 67mm. This means you don’t need to buy a separate ND filter and polarisers for all of your different thread lenses anymore just the appropriate thread adapter.

Compatible with the Athabasca 150mm Circular Polariser

Because the thread adapter allows your other lenses to be compatible with the 14-42 Adapter Ring it means you can get even more use out of your Athabasca 150mm Circular Polariser Filter. Polarising filters control glare in shots and reduce reflections in shots allowing for the capture of richer colours and more vibrant compositions.

Compatible with Ark 170 Filter Holder Frame

The 14-42mm Adapter system can support an Ark 170 filter holder frame which can hold the 170mm rectangular and square filters allowing you to take advantage of their extensive range of creative filters to enhance your photography. You can now use 170mm ND filters, to reduce the light entering your camera so you can experiment with long exposure in unconventional situations, along with graduation filters so you can capture the wide dynamic range of a sunset or sunrise.

170mm Filter Support

The thread adapter allows you to take advantage of the entire range of 170mm filters when combined with the Ark 170 filter holder and the 14-42 Adapter System.

Sturdy and Lightweight Build

Built to last the thread adapter ring is made from aviation-grade aluminum and that makes the adapter ring lightweight while remaining strong.


Aviation-grade aluminum

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