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Lens Filters:

The Athabasca ARK Frame Kit - 100mm equips you with the ability to add professional square filters to your arsenal of existing lenses. Its unique design supports up to two square filters and can be combined with an included circular polariser for magnificent in-camera special effects.

100mm Filter Holder

The Athabasca ARK Frame Kit consists of a 100mm square filter holder and a series of adapter rings, making it suitable for mounting to a broad range of the most popular lenses. The unique design can hold up to three square filters plus an 82mm diameter circular filter, equipping you with the versatility to combine square filters with the included circular polariser, or your own 82mm filter to get the exact shot or effect you need.

Includes Adapter Rings

Four lens adapter are also included in the kit to allow mounting to lenses with a diameter of 67mm, 72mm, 77mm or 82 mm to suit a broad range of lenses that cover a variety of subjects including landscapes, portraits, macro, video shooting and more.

Includes 82mm Circular Polariser Filter

The included 82mm HD Circular Polariser filter (CPL) uses a geared adapter that allows it to be rotated on the lens by turning the thumb wheel on the filter holder. This enables you to reduce glare when shooting on large bodies of water and can help improve the colour of the sky or the contrast of clouds for spectacular landscape results.

Aluminium Build

High quality aviation-grade aluminium is used in the construction of the 100mm Athabasca ARK Frame Kit, filter holder and adapter ring to deliver sturdy, lightweight, high precision performance for years to come.

  • 1 x ARK 100mm Filter Holder (holds two square filters)
  • 1 x Integrated Circular Polarizer filter (CPL)
  • 1 x Ark 67mm Lens Adapter Ring
  • 1 x Ark 72mm Lens Adapter Ring
  • 1 x Ark 77mm Lens Adapter Ring
  • 1 x Ark 82 mm Lens Adapter Ring
  • 2 x Extra Mounts to allow the mounting of a third square filter
  • 1 x Precision Screw Driver
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