The ATF 4-inch Universal Screen Protector minimises the risk of permanent damage to your Compact, DSLR or Video camera screen. The pack comes with two screen protectors, a wet cleaning wipe, a cleaning cloth and a squeegee card to ensure a perfect application every time.

The screen protector is thin yet rigid to ensure easy positioning and bubble free application. A handy grid pattern is printed on the mask and acts as a guide to make it easier to measure and cut the film to the perfect size and ensures your edges are straight and true.

Before applying the protector, use the wet wipe to remove fingerprints, oil, dirt and dust from your screen. Then use the cleaning cloth to remove any residue left over from the wet wipe, leaving your screen free of imperfections and eliminating the risk of unsightly contaminants trapped under the screen once the protector is applied. Finally, the squeegee card can be utilised to push any trapped air out through the edges of the screen to leave a durable, crystal clear layer that will safeguard your screen from accidental bumps and scratches.

The ATF Universal Screen Protector is compatible with capacitive touch screens and will improve your photography experience by reducing screen glare and minimising smudges for improved viewing in a broad range of lighting scenarios.
  • 2x ATF Universal Screen Protectors
  • Wet Cleaning Wipe
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Soft Card Squeegee
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