The ATF Rover Dog Mount allows you to record your adventures with the family pet. Its tough, waterproof design can capture all the things an active dog normally gets up to including running, jumping, swimming, digging, playing fetch and more.

Adjustable Fit

Made from a combination of forgiving elastic and soft foam, the Rover mount features a adjustable design that suits most dogs weighing over 15kg. Fully washable, its versatile construction ensures a perfect custom fit that delivers comfort without restricting movement or mobility.

Two Mounting Positions

The Rovers dual mount design enables you to record from two different perspectives. A front facing chest mount can be used to capture low to the ground action including chewing and digging. It can be removed to improve mobility and comfort for smaller dogs. A top mount suits most dogs and positions the camera on its back delivering the ideal perspective for capturing running, jumping and swimming action.

Immersive Video Footage

Both mounts can be used simultaneously*, equipping you with the ability to point one camera forwards and one backwards for a truly unique, all-encompassing video experience.

Easy Attachment and Removal

Incorporating the use of two quick release bases, the After The Fact Rover mount makes it easy to attach and remove your GoPro or fine-tune your framing for pixel perfect compositions.

*Requires two GoPro Cameras

Note: Not intended as a walking harness or for restraining your dog.

The ATF Rover Dog Mount is compatible with GoPro Action Cameras.

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