Attach Nikon F Mount AI Lenses to your Sony E Mount Camera Body

Extend the versatility of your Sony E Mount camera with the ATF Nikon F Mount AI lens adapter. The adapter enables compatibility with a large range of Nikon’s highly regarded vintage F Mount AI lenses from a broad variety of manufacturers including Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Carl Zeiss, Mitakon, Tokina and more.

Extend your Creative Versatility

Perfect for photographers who shoot across both Nikon and E Mount systems the adapter strengthens your creative capabilities, adding a comprehensive range of Nikon’s F Mount AI glass to E Mount systems like the A7 series of Mirrorless camera, the A6000 all the way up to the A6500 as well as the older Sony NEX cameras.

Supports Nikons Vintage AI Lenses

Nikons Auto Indexing or AI lenses were created in 1977 and they can be identified by a manual aperture ring with a second set of smaller aperture numbers as well as two holes in the coupling prong. If the Nikon lens you want to attach to your cameras does not have an aperture control ring you might want to consider the ATF Lens Adapter for Nikon F Mount G Series Lens to E Mount Camera Body instead.

Suitable for Photographers and Videographers

The adapter is also great for videographers, equipping them with the ability to use fast aperture glass and vintage lenses to create cinematic ultra-shallow depth-of-field style scenes.

Solid All-Metal Construction

Its durable, all-metal construction delivers a snug fit between the lens and camera body, providing confidence inspiring handling, even when adapting large, heavy telephoto lenses to your compact mirrorless camera.

Passive Adapter, Requires no Batteries

Requiring no batteries or external power, the After The Fact Nikon F mount AI Lens to E Mount Adapter disables aperture control via the camera body and requires lenses to be manually focused. For improved accuracy we suggest enabling focus peaking where available and setting your camera to aperture priority for optimum sharpness and accurate exposure in your image.

ATF Nikon F Mount AI Lens to E Mount Adapter


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