The After The Fact GoPro Essential Kit is a carefully curated assortment of equipment that is perfect for all you adventure lovers. Whether you are shooting under-water, on top of a mountain, in the thickest of jungles or in some powdery white snow, we’ve picked out gear that will is perfect for any environment. Additionally, the included wrist strap, head strap, grip and a multi-purpose case will give you peace of mind about the safety of your equipment.

Comfortable Padded Design

The wrist strap has a padded design, which acts as a comfortable wrist strap that can be used to secure your camera in and out of the water. When used in or around water, the strap doubles as a floaty, ensuring any camera weighing less than 150gm will float to the surface.

Ergonomic Rubber Grip

A large textured rubber grip doubles as a perfect camera grip, perfect for use in POV and follow-cam style shooting. It delivers superior stability and ergonomic comfort, ensuring silky smooth footage in a broad range of filming scenarios. Flat sides on either side of the handle provide a secure place for your thumb, enhancing grip and further improving comfort and stability. The included wrist strap can be used for additional security and added peace of mind.

Perfect for Time-Lapse Sequences

Embedded in the handle is a lightweight mini tripod, ideal for impromptu time-lapse sequences and fixed position shooting. Its removable cap exposes a GoPro mount for fast, convenient attachment to your GoPro HERO camera. The cap can also be screwed into the base of the handle and extension arm to form the legs of a taller tripod for even more creative versatility.

Multi-purpose case

Whether your next destination is local or international, the After the Fact Minor Multi-Purpose Hard Shell Pluck Foam Case is the ideal travel companion that will safely and securely store your investment for years to come.

A sleek black hard-shell exterior constructed from durable nylon delivers impact protection while its pre-moulded pluck foam interior provides a perfect customized fit according to personal requirements. Alternatively, the foam interior may be removed for even greater versatility.

Head Strap

Capture that unique first-person perspective with the ATF Head / Helmet Mount. Its fully adjustable design and forgiving elastic construction ensures a snug fit over beanies, helmets, hats, caps or simply worn comfortably on top of your head. Soft rubber strips on the inside of the elastic straps provide extra grip against smooth surfaces such as helmets to give you additional peace of mind that the strap will not come loose when you’re in the thick of the action.

Ideal for immersive footage from a wide range of activities including extreme sports, ball sports, racquet sports or just a lazy Sunday in the park, the After The Fact Head Strap / Helmet Strap is compatible with all GoPro HERO Action Cameras and makes a worthy accessory for any GoPro fanatic.

The ATF Essential Kit is compatible with all GoPro HERO Cameras.

  • After the Fact Cherry Picker
  • After the Fact Floating Wrist Strap
  • After the Fact Head Strap
  • After the Fact Pinch & Pluck Case Minor


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