Perfect for Surfing and Water Sports

Extend your photography and videography in, under or near the water with the AquaTech Elite GH5 Underwater Sport Housing. Compatible with the Panasonic EOS GH5 camera body, the Elite Housing features a 10-metre depth rating, making it ideal for surf and wave photography.

Waterproof to 10 Metres Depth

Its ultra-strong polycarbonate construction delivers superior protection and longevity even used in ocean salt water. Protect your investment and shoot with confidence with this highly durable water housing.

Access to Core Camera Controls

Tactile controls utilise stainless steel, aluminium or high strength plastics. Aluminium parts have been anodised for greater protection and longevity. With access to the core controls of your DSLR the casing enables you to shoot optimally to nail photos every time.

Controls include: Playback, FN5, Focus control (MF, AFC, AFS - AFS), Tope rear dial, FN2, Display, FN4, FN3, Menu/Set, "UP" multi controller, Lower rear dial, Shutter.

Lens Ports that Retain Image Quality

An interchangeable port system lets users to utilise their favourite lenses without compromising the image quality of the lens. Flat and dome ports are available to suit ultra-wide angle, fish eye, normal, telephoto and zoom lenses.

Upgradeable System

The Aquatech Elite Panasonic GH5 Underwater Splash Housing features quick release clips with safety latches and a standard tripod mounting point for attaching additional trays and accessories. Use a flash, pocket wizard, pistol or pole shutter release to bring your underwater photos to the next level.

Note: Images shown contain the flash bulkhead installed. All Sport Housings come ready for the option of flash Bulkhead installation. When an AquaTech Flash Housing is purchased the required flash bulkhead is supplied free of charge.

Construction Polyurethane body, Stainless steel controls as well as hard anodized aluminium.
Controls AF-On, Start, Stop, Video / Stills switch, Q menu, Right Multi- Controller, Set Button, Zoom In, Playback, Delete, Auto Focus Point Selector, Rear Control Dial, Shutter
Dimensions 19.0cm Wide x 17.1cm High x 12.7cm Front to Back
Weight 1.6 Kg Housing Only

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

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