The AquaTech AxisGo Underwater Filter is specifically designed to reduce the blue colour cast that can occur while shooting underwater. Red is the first colour from the visible spectrum to be blocked as you dive deeper under the surface of the ocean. The filter compensates for this lack of red light so you can capture more natural looking colours.

Perfect for Tropical and Blue Water

Ideally suited for use in tropical or blue water, the AquaTech AxisGo Underwater Filter can provide improved contrast and more vibrant colours while shooting underwater. The filter can also help your phone take a more accurate white balance reading to capture better looking photos and video footage.

Designed for AxisGO 7/8 and 7+/8+ Housings

A 67mm filter thread allows the AquaTech Red Underwater Colour Correction Filter to screw directly onto the lens port of the AxisGO iPhone 7, 8, 7 Plus, and 8 Plus underwater housings. The filter can be used when snorkelling or diving down to a depth of up to 10 metres

Please Note: The AquaTech Underwater Filter for AxisGo is not compatible with the AxisGO Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

Filter Thread


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AquaTech AxisGo Red Filter


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