High Performance Lithium Battery

The Ansmann CR123A 3V Lithium Battery is a popular battery designed to power a host of compatible electronic devices like laser pointers, torches and cameras.

Great Performance

With a lithium construction, the battery is tolerant of lower temperatures and is rated from -20° to 60°C. It has a lower internal resistance which makes it well suited for fast flash charging and other applications that require a quick power draw.

Popular Point-and-Shoot Camera Battery

The CR123A battery is found more often in compact point and shoot cameras, as well as high-power LED flashlights, and smaller SLR cameras. It is a suitable replacement for the CR123, EL123A, DL123A or CR17345 batteries.
  • Long Battery Life
  • 3 Volt Power Output
  • 800mAh Capacity
  • Compatible with a Range of Devices
  • Alternative to CR123, EL123A, DL123A and CR17345 Batteries

Cell chemistry




Nominal Capacity


Dimensions (W x H)




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1 x Ansmann 3V Lithium Battery – CR123A


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