3 Legged Thing has created a universal L bracket that’s compatible with even more cameras. The Ellie-G has an adjustable base plate with two screw lots for a better fit to your camera. The vertical section has a cut-out section to accommodate cables when shooting tethered. It fits standard Arca-Swiss compatible tripod clamps, letting you switch quickly and easily between portrait and landscape shooting.

Better Camera Fit

The 3 Legged Thing Ellie-G Orange is a more refined universal L-Bracket offering. Its adjustable and modular design works with an even wider range of cameras. And it’s the little details that make a big difference, like the sloped baseplate that makes it easier to tilt and angle your camera’s screen.

Arca-Swiss Compatibility

Both the baseplate and upright section of the Ellie G are compatible with standard 38mm Arca-Swiss tripod clamps. This makes it easy to switch from portrait to landscape shooting in a snap.

Adjustable Baseplate Length

Ellie-G features a length-adjustable baseplate, with two solid stainless steel sliding bars holding it together. These, along with the two screw mounting slots, let you customise the fit and position on your camera. You can even detach the baseplate to use on its own as a long plate.

Modular Upright Section

The vertical section of the 3LT Ellie-G Bracket Orange has a modular aspect to it. With dual threads on both ends, you can flip it upside down or turn it around with no issues. This gives you 4 ways to position the cable cut-out to fit your camera for tethered shooting or when using L-shaped cable pins.

Base Length

95 mm


85 mm


38 mm Standard Arca-Swiss


96 g

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

3 Legged Thing Ellie-G Universal L Bracket


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