The 3 Legged Thing Ellie 85mm Base Plate Copper is an arca-swiss replacement base plate for 3 Legged Thing’s Ellie L-bracket system. It is compatible with a wide range of mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

Made from Aerospace Grade Magnesium Alloy

Boasting an aerospace grade magnesium alloy construction, the 3LT Ellie 85mm base plate is incredibly robust and built to handle the rigours of daily use with ease. Even though it’s incredibly durable the plate only weighs in at 49g, so you’ll barely notice it on your camera.

Rubberised Base Pads & Strap Slot

The base plate can be used as a replacement part or on its own as an arca-swiss or peak design capture quick release plate for any camera needing a large more stable base. It has rubberised grip pads to prevent your camera from rotating as well as a slot for attaching a strap.

Two Slots for Camera Mounting Options

Two different slots allow you to choose the best position to attaching to your camera using a standard 1/4-inch screw, depending on the location of your camera’s tripod socket. Not only that but the slot design allows you to adjust how far forward or back your camera is mounted and the rear base is sloped ensuring that you still have full access to your rear LCD screen tilting functions.

Peak Design & Arca-Swiss Compatible Baseplate

The 3 Legged Thing Base85 PD Copper – 85mm baseplate has a specially designed base plate that is compatible with the Peak Design V3 Capture System, as well as the Arca-swiss plate system making it an excellent addition to your kit.

Note: The Peak Design Base is only compatible with the Peak Design V3 Capture System.




38 mm Standard Arca-Swiss (Arca Swiss and Peak Design Capture v3 Compatible)


49 g

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • BASE85 Arca-Swiss Compatible 85mm Wide Quick Release Plate
  • Stagsden Stainless Steel Camera Screw
  • Retaining Bolts (2.5mm Hex)
  • Dual-Ended Mini Hex Tool


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