The Zhiyun Weebil Lab is compact 3-axis gimbal device designed to help film makers capture ultra-smooth footage. It boasts an innovative new design, that allows operators to easily switch between upright and underslung shooting positions. It also offers lockable axes for easy transport and faster balancing and is customisable with a range of accessories available to enhance functionality and help you get the best shots possible.

3-Axis Stabilisation

Capture ultra-smooth footage with steady camera movement using the motorised Weebill Lab gimbal. It uses three high power brushless motors to remove small bumps and shakes from your footage. It can also be set to follow the movements of a camera operator for real time shot control. This allows you to create incredible cinematic shots that improve the production value of your content.

Super Compact Design with 3kg Max Payload

Weighing around as much as a mobile phone stabiliser, the Weebill Lab supports an impressive maximum payload of 3kg, making it the perfect gimbal for travelling filmmakers and videographers. It is compatible with the most popular mirrorless camera and lens combinations on the market and folds down to a compact form factor for transport.

Balancing System 2.0 with Axis Locks

The latch design of the Weebill means that all three motors can be locked in position for secure transportation. This feature also makes it easier to ensure each axis is balanced correctly and lock it in. Allowing you to balance your setup before you get on location so when you arrive you can be ready to film in seconds.

Detachable Handle with Grip

Zhiyun have taken on feedback from their popular Crane and Crane 2 models and identified that a significant number of Crane users prefer to shoot in the underslung mode. A completely new design makes switching between shooting modes faster and more intuitive. A detachable rubberised tripod is included that doubles as a hand grip. It can be connected at the base like a traditional gimbal for upright operation or instead attached at the rear of the gimbal at the top for underslung shooting.

ViaTouch Control

Zhiyun have implemented a new ViaTouch control system which allows operators to make changes to their cameras settings like ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed, exposure compensation, white balance and more from a mobile device.

Motion Sensor Control

The Weebill also provides a unique method of control that uses your phone as a motion sensor controller by capturing pan and tilt movements from the mobile device’s gyroscope. This essentially allows you to control the movements of the gimbal in real-time by simply turning or tilting your mobile phone.

Wireless Image Transmission

Designed to assist with composing your scene, the Weebill can send a wireless image signal to a mobile device for real-time monitoring. Useful for ensuring you are framing up the scene to get the shot you need, especially when shooting from unconventional perspectives and angles.

Angled Rear Motor

An angled rear motor that controls the roll axis of the gimbal is positioned lower than traditional stabilisers, provides a clear line of sight to the rear LCD of your camera. This allows you to comfortably view your screen for shooting and playback, perfect for cameras that do not have a flip out screen.

High Speed Follow Mode

A quick press of the Go button on the side of the handle instantly turns on the high speed PhoneGo mode, which sets the gimbal’s follow speed to maximum, allowing you to perform fast camera movements to follow quick action. Just press the button again to restore the gimbal to the previous follow settings without needing to make any complicated adjustments.

Impressive 10 Hour Battery Life

Powered by two 18650 batteries, the gimbal is rated for up to 10 hours of operation when properly balanced. The batteries are the same as the previous Crane gimbals so if you’re upgrading you can use existing batteries as spares. The gimbal also supports camera charging while shooting to give your gear a quick power boost if required.

OLED Display, Control Wheel, Trigger and Joystick

Designed so you can keep an eye on the battery level, control mode and settings, the gimbal has a bright OLED display. It also features a 4-way joystick and a clearly labelled control system with a POV button, pan follow and lock toggle switch that allow you to easily modify the mode of the gimbal. A control wheel makes it easy to navigate the menu system and a trigger on the front of the handle provides instant access to the “all follow” mode.