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Women in Photography

Women in Photography - Phyllis Quealy

Phyllis Quealy

Continuing with our Women in Photography series, today we are featuring Phyllis Quealy. Phyllis is a nurse by trade and has a passion for photography. She regularly participates in our social media challenges and has shared some absolutely stunning images with us. From travel images, sports snaps, landscape, and portrait photography and a few on the abstract side, Phyllis is a versatile and creative photographer who captures the beauty of the world in every shot. During these times of isolation and social distancing, although Phyllis has not been able to get out and shoot as much as she would like, she has been making the most of sharing her memories and previously taken images to social media.

We asked Phyllis to share a little with us about herself and her photography journey, and here’s what she had to say:

What a great companion my camera has been to me. A visual language that connects you to community, places, and people. I have always had an interest in photography, but it grew as a way to connect with my son and his football. When the DSLR digital camera came along, it pushed my photography passion even further. Today, I volunteer my time as a photographer for the Fitzroy Football Club and as a nurse assisting with the medical issues that the game presents.

Isolation has been an interesting time, as my daughter and her partner live in London. As an Event Producer, the coronavirus has impacted her life greatly. She was confined by virus like symptoms and has since recovered. So, for us, sitting in the comforts of our home on the other side of the world unable to help, being aware of the darker side of the world has been tough. While travel has halted, experiences can only be relived through the capture of images.

Fortunately, nursing has kept me working, although photography has taken a hiatus during this time. Thankfully though, social media has filled the photography void, but I cannot wait to get back out there with my trusty companion “Canon”, learning through my lens and trying to see the world differently.”

Women in Photography - Wendy Klein

Wendy Klein

You’d better believe we are still rolling with our Women in Photography series, and our featured photographer in this blog is Wendy Klein. Living in Brisbane and working as a nurse, photography is a huge part of Wendy’s life. Taking up photography just four years ago, Wendy has now won multiple awards and lends her time to help others become better photographers.

We asked Wendy to share a little about her photography journey, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we also asked what the occasion means to her. Here’s what she had to say.

“Photography means the world to me. It allows me to express myself through the lens and means I have the ability to capture scenes and places from my life to remember. It is fun going out capturing moments and emotions, and exploring the world. Photography allows me to capture my travels as I explore the world and creating those magic moments; it gives me the ability to be myself. To me, photography means that I can freeze a moment in time within an image that I can enjoy for ever.

My photography journey started around four years ago when I really wanted to learn about how to use a camera, so I purchased a Nikon D5500 with a Sigma 10-20 lens. I had my first lesson and knew nothing about anything. I didn't even understand the any of the terms used in photography, but after doing one on one lessons and attending various workshops things started to gel. This camera was great, but one day at the beach the wind blew over my tripod, and the camera ended up in the salt water. So, the very next day went and got myself a full frame Nikon D750, which is a fantastic camera. I would practice as much as I could and put into practise everything I had been taught. I then bought a Nikon D850, which has been a brilliant camera. I also bought Nisi filters and learnt how to use them properly, and since then and my photos have improved out of sight! I am continuing to learn and always will be. Photography is a real passion and I'm obsessed with it. I feel lost without a camera in my hand.

I have also now won awards, which include:

  • Brisbane Lord mayor's Greenpeace award
  • People’s Choice Award In Symmetry with the Australian Photography Magazine
  • Highly Commended award with the Australian Photography Magazine
  • Highly commended award with Capture Australia for the Australia's Emerging Landscape Photographers category
  • Best sunrise/sunset landscape photo with the Photography Academy (worldwide competition)”

We also asked Wendy what Mother’s Day means to her, where she explained:

“Mother’s Day to me is a day of celebration of a beautiful gift. Getting spoilt and just being together; a day where I can say thank you to my mum for just being there when I went astray .It means I can say thank you for every hug, and all the words of encouragement and love given to me. It also means to me that it’s a day to remember that you went above and beyond to help raise me and it has given us a special connection that I cherish.”