The Tecxus Alkaline LR54 Battery provides power for a variety of devices from vintage cameras, small toys and watches to LED flashlights, calculators, remote controls, microphones, and more.

Button-style Battery

This alkaline battery has a long shelf life and is perfect as a spare or replacement part. The LR 54 from Tecxus is perfect for SLR and film cameras that require a battery to power the light meter or film winding mechanism.
  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Photo Accessories
  • Alkaline Battery
  • 75mAh, 1.5V
  • Long Storage Life

Battery Type

LR54 Alkaline

Chemical System

Zinc-manganese dioxide (mercury & cadmium free)

Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity


Operating Temperature

-20 to +60°C

Dimensions (H x Dia)

3.07 x 11.50 (approx.)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
Tecxus Alkaline LR54 Battery


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