The Sony 4K Action Video Camera features state of the art optical image stabilisation, and a Tessar lens from Zeiss that delivers sharp wide angle 12 Megapixel images and high resolution 4K videos. The action camera is designed to shoot in a range of extreme situations with the included rugged waterproof and dustproof housing. It is also compatible with a range of mounts so it can be attached to your bicycle helmet, handheld with a finger grip and Live View Remote or mounted on a chest attachment for a first person style view.

Exmor R CMOS Sensor

Sony’s action camera has a 1/2.5-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor on board that is back illuminated to offer better image performance in low lighting situations, it produces 12 megapixel stills with rich detail and vibrant colours.

Quality Zeiss Lens

The Tessar lens from Zeiss on the camera is specifically designed to help you capture crisp stills and sharp videos of landscapes with less distortion than traditional wide angle action cameras. You can also use the 3x smooth zoom, wide or medium settings to adjust the angle of view allowing you compose your shot closer to where the action is happening.

Create Steady Images and Video

The 4K Sony Action Camera comes with enhanced image stabilisation using Sony’s new Balanced Optical SteadyShot2 system. The vibration control allows you to record video with minimal shake whether you are walking with the camera in your hand or it’s strapped to your helmet as you plummet down a steep mountain bike trail.

4K High Resolution Video

Sony’s action cam is more than capable of shooting high quality video footage with a 4K resolution capability at the massive bitrate of 100Mbps so you can be sure you’re capturing the highest quality possible. The camera also utilises a full sensor readout without any pixel binning to produce exceptional image detail.

Advanced Video Production Features

The FDR X3000 also boast some quite advanced video features that make it perfect for professional use as well. With manual exposure settings as well as white balance and AE shifting you can have total control over the brightness and Dynamic Range of your scene. The camera also allows the use of Time Code and User Bit (TC/UB) data to make it easier to edit footage from multiple devices.

BIONZ X Image Processor

With the BIONZ X image processor on the camera, you get the ability to record fast paced movement and capture videos at fast frames rates. The camera can record 1080p videos at 120fps and 240fps when recording at 720p which translates to the ability to slow down videos 1/8th of the normal speed.

Included Wi-Fi Connectivity

It’s easy to connect the camera to your mobile device with the built in Wi-Fi that allows you to control up to 5 cameras from your phone or tablet. With Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile application for iOS and Android devices, you can trigger recordings and get a live view of what the camera can see making it easier to compose a shot. It is also possible to copy images and videos over to your device so they can be easily shared with your friends and family within seconds of being captured.

GPS for Location Data

The camera has an in-built GPS that can record position data and even speed information so it can be used to organise your photography library by location, or it can be used to keep track of where you took a particular shot or video. It is even possible to use the GPS data to create an overlay that displays your speed data over the top of your final video.

Highlight Movie Maker

With the Highlight Movie Maker function on Sony’s Free PlayMemories Mobile application you can make edits of your footage quickly. The camera can automatically tag action points and use face detection meaning all you have to select the videos you want to use, the desired length and some music then before you know it you’ve got a video to share with whoever you want.

4K Time-lapse Function

The 4K Time-lapse Capture on the camera creates a number of still images that can be combined into a high resolution video with the Action Cam Movie Creator which can be downloaded for free from Sony. Alternatively, you can also use the Action Cam App to create a HD time-lapse movie when you’re on the go and you want to pull something together quickly.

Rugged Design and Waterproof to 60m

The FDRX3000 4K Action Camera from Sony has a rugged design and includes a waterproof and dustproof case that can be used underwater up to a depth of 60 meters. That makes the camera the perfect companion for any scuba diving or snorkelling activities so you can capture your underwater experience. Even without the case the body is splash and freeze proof making it an incredibly versatile camera.