Perfect for travel and photographers that love packing light, the Sirui A-1005 tripod is ultra-compact and portable, perfect for slipping into a bag and heading out the door. Lightweight 5-section aluminium legs enable the tripod to fold down to just 35.5cm. Despite this small form factor, it can support up to 10kg, offering plenty of versatility for a range of DSLR or mirrorless systems and accessories. The included Y-10 ball head features individual controls over 360° panning and ball-lock to provide intuitive and easy framing and set-up.

Supports up to 10kg

Able to support up to 10kg, the Sirui A-1005 tripod is the ultimate travel companion. The small size and hefty maximum payload weight provides a portable support solution with plenty of room to change up your camera, lens, and accessory combinations while maintaining a high level of stability.

Quick Release Head with Individual Controls

The Y-10 Ball Head has smooth 360° panning and ball movement that makes it easy to frame your images. Two large knobs offer intuitive and easy to grip control over pan and tilt movements. Topped with an Arca-Type quick release plate, attaching your camera is quick and painless.

Reversible Centre Column

The removable 2-section centre column can be reversed and mounted upside down. This is great for getting up close to subjects for macro photography and also allows you to capture dramatic low-angle photos more easily. A ballast hook can hold a weight or camera bag to offer extra stability.

5-Section Reverse Folding Legs

5-Section reverse folding aluminium legs lend to the compact nature of the tripod, folding down to just 35.5cm, perfect for travel. The A-1005 has a versatile maximum height of 140cm with easy-to-use twist locks that offer incredibly quick and secure set-up and adjustment.

Independent Leg Angles

Each of the legs can be positioned independently at 3 different angles allowing you to compensate for uneven terrain or choose more creative framing, getting as low as just 26cm off the ground. The locks click into place automatically to secure the desired angle for secure positioning.

Convenient Built-In Monopod

One tripod legs can be detached and connected to the removable centre column. This forms an incredibly handy monopod with a maximum height of 144cm. This convenient support option is deal for run-and-gun shooting, or when setting up in tight spaces that normal tripods won’t fit.

Soft Case for Transportation

Rounding out the Sirui A1005 Aluminium Tripod is an included soft carrying case. This offers protection from dust and scratches during storage and transport. Ideal for minimalist shooters and travellers, the Sirui A-1005 is a small, light, and reliable support solution for those on the go.

  • 10kg Maximum Payload Weight
  • 140cm Maximum Height
  • 35.5cm Folded Length
  • 26cm Minimum Height with 3 Independent Leg Angles
  • Separate Control for 360° Pan and Ball-Lock
  • 5-Section Reverse Folding Legs with Twist Locks
  • Removable Monopod Leg and Centre Column
  • Soft Case for Storage and Transport

Load Capacity

10 kg

Maximum Height (Centre column extended)

140 cm

Maximum Height (Centre column collapsed)

108.5 cm

Minimum Height

26 cm

Folded Length

35.6 cm


1.2 kg


Head Type

Ball head

Quick Release





Head Attachment Fitting

Reversible 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch mounting stud

Leg Stages/Sections


Leg Lock Type


Independent Leg Spread


Spiked/Retractable Feet


Centre Column

Centre Column Type


Centre Column Sections


Bubble Level



Maximum Height

144.5 cm

Minimum Height

42 cm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Sirui A-1005 Aluminium Tripod with Y-10 Ball Head
  • Quick Release Plate
  • Reversible 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch Mounting Stud
  • Spring Hook
  • Soft Carry Case


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