The Ricoh Theta V captures immersive 360° photos and 4K video. With a noticeable improvement in image quality and speed, the Theta V can also live stream in 4K, equipping you with a whole new way to engage with your audience.

360 Degree 4K Videos and 12 Megapixel Shots

With two 12MP sensors and matching lenses, the Theta V 360 Camera captures ultra-wide angle images from two sides which are then automatically stitched to create one circular image. An internal Snapdragon processor automatically combines both images, delivering high quality 4K videos and 12 megapixel photos without the need to stitch them on a desktop or laptop computer.

Theta App for Live Streaming in 4K

The camera works seamlessly with the THETA App, which allows you to preview shots, transfer footage to a smartphone or tablet, rotate images for viewing from various angles and live stream 360 degree 4K or Full HD footage in real time to YouTube Live and other compatible platforms.

Integrated 4-channel Microphone

An integrated 4-channel microphone captures high quality audio and offers seamless transitions between channels for better pickup, while a separately available TA-1 3D microphone that is specifically designed for use with the camera improves your production values by recording 3D 360° spatial audio for a fully immersive experience.

19GB of Internal Flash Memory

The THETA V has doubled its storage capacity from the Theta S, now offering 19GB of internal flash memory arming you with the potential to store 4800 photos or record 40 minutes of video in 4K or 130 minutes in 2K.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wireless LAN and Bluetooth help to maintain a constant connection with a smartphone, allowing for fast, convenient remote shooting and changes of camera settings without the hassle of manually establishing a connection to the camera.

Advanced Gyro Sensor

In addition to the conventional acceleration sensor, the camera has an advanced gyro sensor that offers improved precision when detecting tilt and provides a unique remote playback ability and lets the user select a 360° image file and move it up, down, left, right or zoom in and out.

High Quality Image Processing

A Qualcomm Snapdragon image processor delivers power efficiency while improving image processing and wireless transfer speeds. It provides better image quality with minimal loss of shadow detail and highlight blowout, especially when shooting scenes with varying levels of contrast.

High ISO 3200/6400 Sensitivity

With ISO sensitivity of ISO 3200 for stills and ISO 6400 for video, users can capture high quality footage even in difficult lighting conditions.

Interval Range of Four Seconds

A minimum shooting interval of 4 seconds down from the previous 8 seconds in the Theta S enables smoother, more fluid time-lapse sequences and improved responsiveness when trying to capture that decisive moment.

Compatible with Underwater Housing TW-1

An optional, dirt-resistant JIS Class 8-equivalent TW-1 Underwater Housing with anti-reflective coating can be used to capture clear footage at depths of up to 30m, making the Ricoh Theta V an all-encompassing camera that is truly capable of capturing all of life's unforgettable moments.