The Parrot Mambo FPV is an ultra-light, agile and fun to fly mini-drone that delivers an immersive First-Person View (FPV) flying experience. The FPV package includes the drone, HD camera, Flypad remote controller and Cockpitglasses. The drone is easily controlled by a smartphone or the Flypad and can be flown indoors or outdoors. Perfect for enthusiasts looking at pursuing drone racing or capturing unique aerial perspectives.

Experience Immersive Flying

The Mambo FPV records 720p video to an on-board microSD card (not included) whilst also streaming the footage to the Cockpit glasses delivering an incredible FPV flying experience. The Cockpit FPV headset gives you an 3D immersive image that transports you into a virtual cockpit for a truly exhilarating experience with improved flying precision.

Includes Cockpit Glasses 2

The included cockpitglasses FPV headset uses your smartphone to display a real time view of the video streamed from the drone’s camera. The headset is compatible with smartphone screens up to 6-inches in size. The convenient collapsible design shrinks down considerably when not in use, making it easy to transport and store. For added novelty, a See-Through mode allows you to exit the FPV view and see the real world through your smartphone’s rear camera, while wearing the cockpit glasses.

Control by Smartphone or Flypad

You can control the Mambo using either an iOS or Android smartphone, or the included Flypad remote controller. While your smartphone is strapped into the headset when in FPV mode, you can use the Flypad to pilot your drone. With two multi-directional joysticks and control buttons, the high precision remote transmitter provides an impressive range of up to 100 meters.

Fast and Agile - Designed for Racing

The Mambo weighs a mere 73g and can take off from your palm. Its minimal design enables the drone to be very agile and easy to control. Capable of performing amazing aerial acrobatics while achieving a top speed of 30kmph it is a great introduction to drone racing.

Improve Your Piloting Skills with 3 Flight Modes

Hone your drone piloting skills with three progressive flying modes. Begin with the full autopilot - Easy Mode that keeps your drone flying even if you release the controls. Level up to Drift Mode for more complex turns, and finally assume full command over your drone in the Racing Mode.

Up to 10 Minutes Flying Time

Fully charged, its 660mAh lithium polymer battery will give you approximately 8-10 minutes of flight time. With a removable design, the battery can be swapped to extend your flying time. The battery charges in about 30 minutes via a convenient standard micro USB port.

FreeFlight Mini App

The FreeFlight Mini App, available from the AppStore or Google Play features a user-friendly interface lets you change flight settings, check battery status, perform amazing aerobatics and view live feed from the camera directly or through the cockpit glasses.

Modular Design

Parrot’s patented Smart Block system lets you attach functional accessories to your Mambo FPV mini drone for added fun. The FPV camera can be removed and replaced with an optional Grabber that can grab and carry small objects to truly test your flying precision. Alternatively, you can attach the optional Mambo Cannon, equipping you with the ability to shoot down targets from the air in a Top Gun style scenario.