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Tether Tools RapidMount Lights and Action Kit

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  • Mounts and Positions Speedlights to Walls
  • Mounts and Positions Devices to Walls with 360 ø Rotation and 180 ø Tilt
  • Sticks to Glass, Drywall, Fibreglass, Metal and More
  • Easy Install/Remove with No Residue Leftover


ATF Mini Clamp

  • Features 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch Sockets
  • Supports up to 1500g
  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Camera Accessories
  • Sliding T Handle for Tool-less Setup
  • All Metal Construction with a Rubber Grip


ATF Cold Shoe Mount Adapter – 2 Pack

  • Converts 1/4-inch Socket to Cold Shoe Mount
  • Attach Accessories to a Camera Cage or Rig
  • Includes M2.5 Threaded Holes of Security
  • Sunken Counterbore Screw Hole
  • Pack includes Two Sets of Mounts & Tools


Generic Sand Bags - 1 Pack

  • Prevents Gear Tipping Over
  • Improves Stability for Tripods & Light Stands
  • Durable Sealed Interior
  • Double Zipper Design
  • Easy Grab Handle
  • High Visibility Exterior