The LEDGO’s Luxpad sidelit LED panel camera light delivers a soft light output not possible with a standard on-camera LED panel. Its flattering light wrap ensures your subject does not squint; making it an ideal choice for interviews, vlogging and news reporting. LEDGO Luxpad 116 features digital controls and a WiFi interface allowing you to control the light output from a distance.

Side-lit Design

The LEDs used in the Luxpad 116 are angled from the side of the panel which then diffract light through the front diffusion screen for optimum softness. The superior quality extra-large luminous chips provide improved brightness with no adverse effect on energy consumption, improving conversion efficiency, and increasing battery life.

Adjustable Brightness and Colour Temperature

A variable dimmer switch can be used to adjust light output to suit the exact exposure requirements for the shot, while a colour temperature dial equips you with the ability to match the white balance of the scene. Adjustable between 5600K and 3200K, the colour temperature and brightness adjustment feature helps to ensure consistent shooting results, saving valuable time during post-production.

Hot Shoe Mount

The LEDGO Luxpad 116 camera LED panel also features a tilt-adjustable hot shoe mount which can be mounted to any standard camera hot-shoe, ensuring compatibility with most DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras and camcorders. It can also be handheld for use with smartphones, action cameras and more.