Bright 2450 Lumens Output

TheLEDGO 332 LED Macro & Video Ring Light is ideal for macro and studio portrait photographers. Its bright 2450 Lumens output produces an abundant amount of even, colour accurate (90+CRI) daylight balanced light for excellent results in-camera.

Includes 4 Light Modifiers

Four light modifiers including a standard diffuser, and extra soft diffuser, a magenta gel and a tungsten gel can be utilised to fine-tune the spread of light and reduce time spent in post processing.

Dual Mounting Options

The light can be mounted on your cameras hot shoe similar to a standard video light, or fitted in conjunction with the included 15mm baseplate to sit in-line with the lens barrel. This front-on angle reduces unsightly shadows by eliminating the angle between the light and your subject, resulting in a flatter, more even distribution of exposure.

Supports Portrait or Landscape Orientation

For maximum versatility the light can be mounted horizontally or vertically for maximum coverage when shooting in landscape or portrait orientation respectively.

Studio-Style Catch Light Effect

The circular design of the ring light also creates circular reflections and catch lights to help take your studio style portraits to the next level.

Dual Zone Dimmer Switches

Two dimmer switches at the rear of the LED panel can be adjusted independently to fine-tune the LED output to achieve the perfect exposure. Its dual zone dimmer can be infinitely adjusted between 100% and 0% for optimum control, helping achieve improved depth and contrast to your images.

Includes 2 Batteries

The LEDGO 332 LED Ring Macro + Video Light also includes two Sony-style NPF lithium-ion batteries, a battery charger, and a soft carry case for easy storage and transportation.