Dimmable Output with Selectable Colour Temperature

The LEDGO 308 LED Bi-colour On-camera Panel is perfect for photography and video light applications, with the ability to switch between 5600K daylight colour balanced light and 3200K tungsten coloured light. With an adjustable and stepless brightness control, it delivers excellent performance when shooting in any lighting scenario, studio or ambient.

Interlocking Design for Scalable Output

An interlocking design allows users to easily connect multiple panels vertically and horizontally for increased and scalable light output in different shapes.

Highly Accurate Colour Output

The quality of light emitted from the panels score a very high 90+ CRI (Colour Rendering Index) making them extremely colour accurate, vital for consistency and reducing time-consuming post-processing.

Multiple Battery Power Options

The LEDGO 308 Bi-Colour LED Continuous Light Panel can be powered by Sony style camcorder NPF lithium batteries, compatible Panasonic batteries with the included CN-CGR adaptor, or via 6xAA batteries.