Continue Recording in Low Light Environments

The LEDGO 150 LED Light is a versatile lighting unit that can be used mounted directly to your video camera or DSLRs for on-axis fill light. Able to product an impressive 1100 lumens of light, the super bright panel is perfect for recoding in low light situations. A stepless dimmer switch lets users finely tune the brightness of the light to better match or contrast against ambient light in the studio or on location. 

High Quality Light Output 

A CRI of 95 offers accurate colour with output balanced for a 5600K temperature. Additional colour filters are included with the panel to ensure the colour of the light is consistent or complimentary to the environment or setting, resulting in gorgeous footage. 

Versatile Multi Array Setups

LEDGO 150 Panels can be utilised off camera and configured in an array with multiple panels for additional power output and creative flexibility, making the light ideal for portable and easy-to-use, high quality lighting.